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How to measure your website success

How to measure your website successBefore spending time on marketing you need to check your stats or risk spending money on the wrong things, with poor results.To measure how successful each marketing activity you do is, you need to know where you are starting from and as you make changes see how your results improve, […]

Poor Hosting Loses you visitors

Poor Hosting Loses You Visitors​When you go cheap, those who do actually make it to your site notice the same problems Google does and rapidly form a negative opinion of your business, no matter how great your products and services are a poor website experience may be turning away your hard won website visitors. Website […]

Hidden Traps of Cheap Choices

The Hidden Traps and Long Term Costs of yourCheap ChoicesMany people look at websites and email as just another cost of doing business, “the lower the price the more you save, cutting costs makes you more profit” goes the thinking. You couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to your online presence, the money you INVEST […]

Plugin and Security Updates

Why your monthly website hostingshould include Plugin and Security Updates or risk serious downtime.WordPress websites have multiple plugins any of which can become a security issue as hackers discover a new way to hack plugins or core WordPress installs. As wordpress itself is upgraded or plugins are upgraded they often become incompatible with each other […]