Why a Domain Name is a ‘must’ for every business

Choose your domain

If your business doesn’t have a domain name, then you’re losing a whole lot of sales.

In this era of internet and technology, everyone is searching online, no domain means your business can’t be found, so your customers will instead find your competitor’s domain and buy from them instead.......Damn, frustrating.

Domain names are crucially important because:

They provide accessibility anytime anywhere. Your domain name can be used to secure a website that gives all the information about your products and services, shows your contact details so people can call, visit your shop or make enquiries.

Can generate online sales. A website can also have an online shop that allows your customers to purchase your products & services anytime 24/7.

Protects your brand. Registering a domain name can secure ownership of your business name or brand and prevent other people from using it.

​Advertise. Through your domain name and website, you can promote your products and services. You can also announce offers and specials. And you can even put up external links promoting other people’s websites as well.

Don't risk getting left behind - While your competitors are getting ahead online

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