The Fast Web Guru Story

Many Local Communities are missing out on the internet revolution...
Big Business is making money on the web,
.....but leaving smaller communities & business people behind.

Running your business is already a 24/7 job

Small business owners don't know how to do online marketing

You don't have time & don't want the hassles involved with a website

Emails, hosting, domains, maps & website updates - it's all too hard

No need to worry...

Fast Web Guru makes it easy for your businesses to get online quickly without breaking the bank.

Our promise to you

Building websites to showcase local businesses & attract new visitors

Boost repeat shopping with regular email newsletters about events, sales & local info

Raise your local communities profile online by increasing the number of businesses with websites & on google maps

Our Team

Fast Web Guru are a team of web specialists with many years experience building and marketing websites for larger businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

We decided it was time to help our local communities by helping them to make better use of the internet for business marketing.

Our Tech Advocates reach out in person and also run community education campaigns about websites, google maps and how you can still get online even when your budget is zero.

Helping your small business get more sales.
Get Online Quick and Easy
within 24 hours..........

a five minute chat is all it takes

You will have your own personal tech advocate,

a local person trained to help with your needs
plus you will get a superb support team answering your questions

& keeping your Email, Maps and Website up to date.

Fast Website and Marketing Packages

Fast & Easy Website Packages
Website and basic marketing - easy monthly rental

Affordable first websites or additional sites for your business

Fast Content Builder Packages
Hosting, regular updates to website, newsletters & graphics

When you want to take your website presence and results to the next level

Smart Web Hosting Reports & Plugins
Advanced Hosting & reporting + WP maintenance & upgrades

When you need better infrastructure + improved marketing tools & Know-how

How to get online for free

& make sure your local customers can find you