Why your monthly website hosting

should include Plugin and Security

Updates or risk serious downtime.

WordPress websites have multiple plugins any of which can become a security issue as hackers discover a new way to hack plugins or core WordPress installs.

  • As wordpress itself is upgraded or plugins are upgraded they often become incompatible with each other breaking your website, so DIY updates of plugins can create many issues if you do not have the ability to fix them yourself.

  • It is essential your wordpress and plugins are as up to date as possible, ideally no more than a week out of date

  • Most hosts consider this a web developer's job, most web developers have little to do with sites after they go live, instead moving onto their next project….This is a major problem for your website security as effectively no-one is updating your website, most websites are running software which is many years out of date, a goldmine for hackers.

  • You need an ongoing website maintenance package as part of your hosting or provided by your web developers which guarantees to keep your website plugins up to date, and people who will alert you if your plugins are no longer going to be compatible so you can decide what to replace them.

The 15 essentials to look for in a web-hosting service

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