Four Quick Ways to Boost Your
Website Enquires in 2019

You have spent money building a website and on the monthly hosting, and you will now be getting regular updates on how you are doing on the search engines and your website visitors. (let us know if you are not getting these reports each month).

But are you really getting the best out of your website, how can you improve the number of enquiries you get from it? Here are a few quick tips on what you can do this year to get better website results.

How to get more visitors and enquiries:

1. Regularly update your website with new information, new services, new team members, more details to existing services. Google loves a website with regular updates, your website visitors love a website which is informative and tells them what they need to make a decision

2. Add and update testimonials and case studies/stories about successful projects, customers, this adds to your credibility and also if the web visitor is looking for a similar product/service shows them what you can do and how good you are, you can get these from Google maps, Facebook or by doing phone or email surveys after a sale.

3. Add useful articles to your website regularly, there is always something you can educate clients about what you do to help them make a more informed decision. A good articles section shows you really know your stuff and can attract a lot of visitors from the search engine plus keeps people staying on your website longer.

4. Run regular offers to encourage website visitors to make a purchase now rather than putting it off till later, you can use ribbons, pop-ups, banner graphics or just wording within existing pages, you can have different offers for different services, upgrade offers etc.

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At Fast Web Guru we know how hard it is to get around to doing these updates, many of our clients don’t have the time to mess around in the back-end of websites and their updates are often not following the best practice to help on search engines, but paying others to do monthly or weekly updates is too expensive.

This is why we created the monthly Content Builder Package which includes hosting so we can do regular updates for you for a small fixed monthly fee, this can even include new graphics, emails or social media. Imagine being able to send a quick email, SMS call someone whenever you think of new content and have it done.

We can also work with you setting up a plan for regular updates on auto-pilot as well to ensure even if you are too busy to send us new updates we can keep doing improvements to your website based on criteria you specify.

We know regularly updated websites not only get more search engine visitors but more actual enquiries from those visiting the website. Most companies would only need a few more sales a year to justify the small extra cost of content builder packages.

Got the time to do it in-house, we are here for you as well and always happy to offer free training on the basics of using your website to do regular updates yourself, we want to see you getting better results every month from your site.

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Let's talk about how the Content Builder package can work for your business 

Hear what a couple of our clients say:

“The Content Builder package by Fast Web Guru makes it possible to have your own IT department, your own web development team, and your own marketers, to guide, reflect back, monitor and where necessary hold you accountable with gentle persistent pestering.

Support staff are hand-picked and highly professional. They are very accomplished in their fields of expertise.

The biggest obstacle to small business success.

Attempting to do everything, is the biggest failing of small business. In the past, the excuse was the cost. I can't afford to... But now that is no excuse, give Fast Web Guru a call and discover how affordable your Guru can be.

Richard Lloyd
Squatter - Australia's Classic Farming Game 

Last year eBay hit our successful store with a bombshell, over 1000 listings needed to be manually updated ASAP or risk no longer being seen by people searching for the products we sell online.

We also needed to modernise our website with some more search friendly wording to boost mechanical service bookings in the workshop and get some regular emails happening to promote specials to our customers.

This would be a major effort and I just didn’t have the spare time or expertise to get it done in-house so contracted Fast Web Guru to deal with it.

They set up solid systems for the updating processes showing me smart techniques to cut the time it previously took me to add new products by 75%, we now add 100+ new products a month, when previously struggled to do 5-10, and they showed me a few tricks to beat out my competitors so actual sales are growing steadily now every month.

They quickly completed the eBay updates and have been working with me developing some great emails for customers and improving the website to get more bookings and build our mailing list.

I know without their help these vital upgrades to keep my business competitive might not have happened and really appreciate the expertise and the reasonable monthly costs compared with what a normal web developer or marketer would have quoted me.

I am already seeing more sales every month and I know with their ongoing help and marketing guidance I can take my business to a new level and be a leader in my Industry.

Michael Toome
​HS Motors & eBay auto parts store.