The Hidden Traps and 

Long Term Costs of your

Cheap Choices

Many people look at websites and email as just another cost of doing business, “the lower the price the more you save, cutting costs makes you more profit” goes the thinking.

You couldn't be more wrong when it comes to your online presence, the money you INVEST in your online infrastructure can either grow and build your business or lose you money big time.

Smart website and hosting infrastructure decisions are investments not costs, and like all investments they can be good or bad depending on the choices you make.  

It is hard to tell the difference between a $5 monthly hosting plan and $50 plan, they both seem to do the same thing don't they?  

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Hosting

Poor quality support and backups resulting in email or website downtime when urgent repairs are needed to get you running again. How many lost sales/leads does it take to more than offset the gains from that cheap hosting?

Slow web developer response time, with the lack of website updates losing you sales for every day your website is out of date.

Cheap overloaded hosting servers which load very slowly, driving people away.

A recent test we did of Australia's leading Hosting company showed a load time of 18 seconds for a small website vs. under 5 seconds when we swapped it to quality hosting with no changes to the site…...

For every second a website takes to load, conversions (enquiries and sales) drop by 20%. In the previous example that would be a whopping 260% drop in conversions due to people giving up viewing the website while it slowly loads.

Servers in another country from where your customers are, slowing down their experience.

Websites which do not work properly on mobile. All websites today need to be “responsive” adapting automatically to smaller mobile screens which can provide as much as 50% of your traffic

Broken links, images or poor coding on websites giving a bad impression.

Out of date server and website software making your site run slower, an easy target for hackers to take-over or take offline completely

Websites without correct secure certificates installed resulting in warnings every time someone loads your site.

The 15 essentials to look for in a web-hosting service

For fast and reliable hosting including key marketing tools to boost site visitors, regular backups and plugin plus management of Google maps for you and submission of your website to the key directories in your country check out how we can help you.

We may cost a little more than others but if you want online infrastructure that is reliable and a website which is secure and running the latest software, with marketing to help attract more visitors look no further, you will be pleased with the payback from your investment.