The Fast and Easy Way to Revamp
Your Website this Year

It's the start of a new year and like most business owners you've probably been saying you need to really grow your business this year. But you are also so busy working in your business it is hard to find the time to update your website and do online marketing, plus it can all be a bit confusing and is hard to know where to start.

As we head into the last year of the decade the way people research and make choices on what to buy is almost totally web focused today the days of walking around and visiting stores or looking through the yellow pages and making phone calls are long gone for most industries. You may not have noticed this change as the online world is largely invisible for most businesses.

What you will see are competitors with better websites and smarter online marketing starting to take your business and giant players like eBay, Amazon, Google & Facebook getting a bigger and bigger share of the market.

online giants social media and search engines.
How can you fight back without it costing you an arm and a leg and do so with the limited time, money and knowledge you have available?

After many years in the web industry, we understand your frustration and wanted to make it easier for you to do more updates more often in a steady and ​​​​consistent manner, without the bill shock which normally comes from website work.

We know that websites with regular updates, more pages with useful information out-perform smaller websites on the search engines, bringing you more traffic and more sales. Plus the more information you can give your leads and customers to understand what you offer the less time wasted on support calls and the more chance of them making an enquiry or placing orders.

We put our thinking caps on and came up with a revolutionary new way to help you keep your website up to date and make constant improvements whenever you want for less than $15 extra a week.

How many new sales do you need every month to recover $60?

Most businesses will get a very quick payback from any effort made to improve your website.

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Introducing Content Builder


As many updates to wording, photos, banners, and additional pages done for you every single month for about $60 more than your current hosting package.

No more hassles logging into the back-end of the site and battling your way through the process of adding wording, just a quick email or even a phone call and the work will be done for you.

Seen an article you want to be added, or a new feature or product you want to put on your site, maybe every month you want to do an employee profile or update photos and galleries - it's as easy as grabbing your phone, taking a shot and sending it off, we will do the rest to the highest professional level so it will look great and is added to your site in a way which Google Search will love.

PLUS we will prepare and send out 4 newsletters per year to your customers to help keep your business top of mind.

Content builder the easiest way to stay in touch with your customers

Keeping in touch with customers is also a very easy way to boost revenue, with good sales and promos. We have seen single newsletters for small businesses generate as much as $2000 when coupled with a smart offer. But we know most businesses can't get their head around using email marketing software and get too busy to prepare and send out emails.

Make 2019 the year your website kicks some solid goals.

Let's talk about how the Content Builder package can work for your business 

Hear what a couple of our clients say:

“The Content Builder package by Fast Web Guru makes it possible to have your own IT department, your own web development team, and your own marketers, to guide, reflect back, monitor and where necessary hold you accountable with gentle persistent pestering.

Support staff are hand-picked and highly professional. They are very accomplished in their fields of expertise.

The biggest obstacle to small business success.

Attempting to do everything, is the biggest failing of small business. In the past, the excuse was the cost. I can't afford to... But now that is no excuse, give Fast Web Guru a call and discover how affordable your Guru can be.

Richard Lloyd
Squatter - Australia's Classic Farming Game 

Last year eBay hit our successful store with a bombshell, over 1000 listings needed to be manually updated ASAP or risk no longer being seen by people searching for the products we sell online.

We also needed to modernise our website with some more search friendly wording to boost mechanical service bookings in the workshop and get some regular emails happening to promote specials to our customers.

This would be a major effort and I just didn’t have the spare time or expertise to get it done in-house so contracted Fast Web Guru to deal with it.

They set up solid systems for the updating processes showing me smart techniques to cut the time it previously took me to add new products by 75%, we now add 100+ new products a month, when previously struggled to do 5-10, and they showed me a few tricks to beat out my competitors so actual sales are growing steadily now every month.

They quickly completed the eBay updates and have been working with me developing some great emails for customers and improving the website to get more bookings and build our mailing list.

I know without their help these vital upgrades to keep my business competitive might not have happened and really appreciate the expertise and the reasonable monthly costs compared with what a normal web developer or marketer would have quoted me.

I am already seeing more sales every month and I know with their ongoing help and marketing guidance I can take my business to a new level and be a leader in my Industry.

Michael Toome
​HS Motors & eBay auto parts store.