Slow & Poor Quality websites

 get dumped by Google

Today most businesses rely on Google Search for a lot of their new traffic and enquiries. Google takes account of server speed and all website quality points (speed, responsive, secure certificates, no broken links etc.) and will dump you from their top search results very quickly when they spot a poor quality experience for visitors.

This lack of search engine visibility can slash as much as 75% of your visitors and potential enquiries. 

If your website was getting 200 visitors per month but none from the search engines you could have been getting 800* visitors a month instead.

You are losing 7,200 visitors per year who can't even find your business on the search engines, how 0much is that costing you every year?

*Most well optimised websites get 60% of their traffic from search engines, poor sites under 10% come from google.

The 15 essentials to look for in a web-hosting service

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