$​97 monthly
Fast Website and Booster Marketing Package

Boost your online enquiries with a new website, regular updates and newsletters to customers.

*Additional features included as part of the Booster package are highlighted in orange

A new website Plus Quarterly Newsletters, Website updates
& marketing workshops to help increase customer sales

  • Premium Website Server including CDN - The same high speed hosting as used by Ricoh, Ubisoft, General Electric and Intuite-Quicken (handling traffic for 42M customers)
  • Google Maps Weekly Posting
  • Services Pages (up to 15 pages)
  • 4 Website Updates per annum (can create up to 2 new webpage templates valued $750)
  • 4 Newsletters per annum (2 new newsletter templates valued at $550)
  • Slideshow banner
  • Boost your enquiries/mailing list signups through popup adverts
  • Twice daily backups
  • Amazing collection of marketing plugins including landing page templates, countdown timers, split testing and headline optimizers - everything you need to turn your website into a customer magnet
  • Phone Follow-up - Review of results from the last quarter
Perfect for new businesses, additional niche sites for your existing company or when tight cash-flow has stopped you from fixing your web-presence.
You get a complete package with easy monthly payments, including everything you need to build a strong web presence for your brand.
Be sure your customers and leads can find your business online.

Tablet, Mobile & Desktop responsive your website will adapt to suit any device

Custom Banner design Designed to engage visitors and show why you are special

Special Offers created to get visitors to choose you ahead of competitors

Stunning designs Choose one from proven marketing designs to suit your business

Slideshow Banner option Display up to 5 images and slogans in a slideshow style

Multiple Offer Calls To Action Choose from Pop-ups, slide-ins, ribbons, or promos placed within your web pages to boost enquiries and mailing list sign-ups

Essential pages set up - home, contact, company profile and up to 10 services pages

We will make sure your business is easily found online:

  • Google Maps Support - Initial setup plus keeping your maps listing current with unlimited updates
  • Google Search Engine - Your business name will be found on google for your area.
  • Directory Listings - Your website listed in 5 key directories, including updates when requested
  • Smart Website Reports - Including no. of enquiries, sources of visitors
  • OPTIONAL: Paid Google Advertising* - $125 of paid advertising to get you to the top of google
    *Not available in the Philippines sorry

Reliable emails, hosting and support

  • Website Hosting & Domain Name - Unlimited Bandwidth and Diskspace
  • Email Accounts - Hosted emails or Google Apps Set-up* (recommended)
  • Mailchimp Email Marketing Software up to 2,000 contacts
  • WordPress Plugins - Installation of Leading editors, slideshow and marketing plugins
  • Software & security Updates - Keeping your WordPress and plugins up to date
  • Daily offsite Backups of your website - Free roll-backs to earlier versions
  • Annual Website management training Session
  • Complete website training Videos - how to update and edit your site yourself
  • Help Ticket Support - for regular support requests, server or hosting issues phone
  • *One Google Apps Email address and forwarder included, unlimited filters, $5 extra per user, or you can opt for hosted emails on our servers at no extra charge per email.

Fast & Easy Website Feature Comparison

Website Feature Comparison

✔ Mobile Only Website
✔ Hosted email
✔ 1 Domain Name
✔ Help Ticket Support


✔ Offer Page
✔ Google Maps Setup and Updates
✔ Directory Submission
✔ Basic Search Optimisation

✔ Email Marketing Software up to 2,000 contacts

✔  Thrive Site
✔ ​Works on Mobile/Tablet/Desktop
✔ Custom Banner​
✔ Home Page​
✔ Contact Page​
✔ Services Pages (3)


✔ WordPress Maintenance
✔ Hosting
✔ Google Apps Gmail (1 email)
✔ 1 Domain Name 
✔ Help Ticket Support 
✔ On Demand Reports


✔ Offer Page
✔ Offer Pop-up Advert

✔ Google Maps Setup and Updates
✔ Google Maps ​Weekly Posting
✔ Directory Submission
✔ Basic Search Optimisation

✔ Email Marketing Software up to 2,000 contacts
✔ 4 Website updates per year plus 2 new templates valued a $750
✔ 4 x Newsletters per year plus 2 new templates valued at $550
✔ Newsletter Template Setup
✔ Quarterly Marketing Webinar
✔ Quarterly Phone Follow-up

✔ Thrive Site
✔ Works on Mobile/Tablet/Desktop
✔ Custom Banner
✔ Home Page
✔ Contact Page
✔ Services Pages (Up to 15)
✔ Slideshow/banner


 ✔ WordPress Maintenance
 ✔ Premium Website Server including CDN - The same high speed hosting as used by Ricoh, Ubisoft, General Electric and Intuite-Quicken (handling traffic for 42M customers)
✔ Google Apps Gmail (1 email)
1 Domain Name
✔ Help Ticket Support 
✔ On Demand Reports

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