Secure Certificate

Do you see this in the Google Chrome browser?

Over 50% of people now use the chrome browser and if your website has not got a secure certificate you will see the little “i” appear in the browser bar with the words “not secure” alongside it, this will scare visitors to your site and deter them from sharing any information with you and in many cases they will leave immediately.

In the past it was only considered vital to have a secure certificate on e-commerce websites and generally the public never knew much about secure certificates (ssl or websites showing https in the browser) so few people installed them on their website.

This has all changed in a major way now thanks to Google's recent update, we now consider it vital for ALL businesses to have a secure certificate if you do not want to lose visitors and deter people from making enquiries.

No Secure Certificate WILL drop your visitor numbers
Google has also indicated they will prioritise secure websites and mobile friendly websites on the search engines, making it harder for people to see your website in the search results if it does not have a secure certificate.

What exactly is a Secure Certificate?

A secure certificate will encrypt the communication from your computer to the server(webhost) end-to-end: Only your computer and the web server can see what data gets transmitted when a website uses HTTPS properly. Additionally, you can be sure you are connected to the right server as long as the green lock icon displays in your address bar like the image below.

What should a correctly installed Secure Certificate look like

How to get your website secure certificate

There are two choices of secure certificate the more professional one is $47 per year (comodo certificate) or there is a free Lets Encrypt certificate and renewals is free, but there is a once off installation fee for us to add it to your domain.

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