Why is it Important to Brand your Business’ Email?

Let’s say you’re searching for a pet shop online, which clinic would you choose to contact based on the email addresses: info@petwellness.com or vetjohn99@gmail.com?

Based on a first impressions, you will assume that the first one is more credible than the second one because it uses a branded and professional email address.

Using a free and generic email address may be misinterpreted that the business is new, small, inexperienced and doesn’t exist at all.

Setting up a branded email is very easy and cheap. And it can help your business grow big time, plus you get access to the complete G-suite of products - calendars, online docs and spreadsheets etc. so you can access any document anytime from any device.

How to Setup a Business Email Account

Through Web Host Providers

Domain and hosting providers usually offers email services for a reasonable price. However, these platforms have limitations on storage, features and functionality and can never compete with the benefits of a professional G-Suite account

Through Google Suite

Google Suite professional email uses @yourdomainname NOT @gmail, this is a superior option as it has more features like unlimited group email, guaranteed up-time, bigger storage, zero ads, 24/7 support, sync to Microsoft Outlook and more. Plus it is considerably easier to get running on smart phones and other devices than the traditional hosted email systems.

Google suite also has everything you need in one package not just email but you can also sync documents, use docs, sheets, calendars, hangout meeting app, google plus, google my business and more; perfectly designed for any business’ workplace big or small.

Sign up for google suite for only $5/user/month with unlimited alias/forwarders to your main mail box.

If you think that your business is just too small to start building a brand online, think again.
Start by setting up your business email.

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