Is your website in safe hands?

After many years running web infrastructure businesses (Hundreds of domains & websites) We have learnt many lessons the hard way including in the early days almost losing the entire business due to a host's failure. This is a small but vital area of your business and I hope this article helps you make better decisions when selecting suppliers.

Online Infrastructure covers your domain names, website hosting, email services and in some cases online file storage and other web applications your business may rely on. Often a failure in any of these areas can cause major issues.

Eight Background Questions to ask any infrastructure provider:
  1. How many years have they been in business?
  2. How many clients do they already support, but remember a larger provider is not always better, this is just so you can ensure they are not a small startup with likely issues?
  3. Do they offer a phone support number that can deal with critical issues and get you back up and running fast if there is a major problem with your domain or hosting?
  4. Can you contact them 24/7 or just voicemail with no follow-up after hours or weekends?
  5. Are there enough support staff after hours to deal with problems, with key people on call? Are they staffed by people who can efficiently deal with any issues?
  6. Do they have a team of professional and experienced server engineers to manage the servers?
  7. Check their reputation on online forums such as
  8. If they are a smaller company is there a mobile number of a contact you know who you can ring directly if you are having issues with the help desk or normal support lines?

The 15 essentials to look for in a web-hosting service

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