Why not just go for the cheapest

registrar, it's only a place to buy

a domain isn’t it?

A registrar is much more than just the domain seller

Without a good registrar you are putting yourself at risk of a total failure of your website. No matter what your developer or host does, the registrar is the first link in your online infrastructure, ideally your hosting company should also be actively managing your domain name/registrar service, so you have one point of contact to solve any issues, as long as you still retain access and ownership.

  • They determine who owns and controls your domain name
  • The nameserver records they manage tell the “web” where to find your website
  • Ultimately responsible for renewing your domain and alerting you if it is about to expire.
Six Potential problems with your domain name management to be aware of
  1. Time it takes to solve and fix domain ownership issues
  2. Ability to login yourself and manage your domain easily and directly if you need to
  3. Many developers or hosts like to make it difficult for clients to have any direct access to their domains
  4. Some developers or hosts register domains in their own name as a way to blackmail clients who do not pay or prevent them from transferring away (this is actually illegal), double check the ownership of and contact details of your domain by doing a “whois lookup”
  5. How easy is it to buy domains and renew them, do you have to untick multiple up sells, just to buy a new domain
  6. Will they remind you via phone, text message or just email if your domain is about to expire

The 15 essentials to look for in a web-hosting service

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