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Facebook VS. Websites

If Facebook is your main online presence your business is at a huge risk You may lose your online business overnight If you don’t OWN your online presence (e.g. Facebook or free websites) Is your entire online business built on borrowed land?Do you own your followers and the platform where your customers currently find you or are […]

How to fix your Google Results & Get More Visitors

How to fix your Google results & get more visitorsMost of your website traffic should be coming from people searching in Google, learn how to improve the position you currently show on google. Google tries to show the most relevant websites at the top of the search engines and uses a special formula to determine what […]

Free Website Audit

Get a free website Ranking ReportPLUS a free website AuditIncludes a Free Website AuditLearn what your key website statistics are and how to check them regularly or risk losing your business to competitorsThe most important source of website visitors for most businesses is Google. Before people make a purchase they start by researching who in […]