Edit Your Website - Do It Yourself

You don't need a web developer to edit your website.
It is very easy... and fun!

How to Login to your Backend /Dashboard

Your login details are sent to you on a separate email: login URL, username and password.
support@fastwebguru.com if you don't have it.

How to Edit an Existing Webpage via Thrive Architect

On the dashboard:

  1. Go to Pages
  2. Select the page you wish to edit; Hover your mouse
  3. Click Edit with Thrive Architect
  4. Wait for it to finish loading
  5. On the page, drop your cursor on the area that you wish to edit and type your changes
  6. You can drag and drop elements you wish to add wherever you want; play around
  7. Don't forget to click "SAVE".

How to Create or Add a New Page

On the dashboard:

  1. Go to Pages > Add New
  2. Enter the Title of the Page
  3. Skip the content part because we will be building it inside Thrive Architect, not on the default wordpress content area
  4. Save as draft if not ready; go back and Publish once you're finished building the page
  5. Optional: You can select parent page (if this page is a subpage)
  6. Just set to default template in this case

Build your New Page via Thrive Architect

IMPORTANT: There is already a final Saved Template.
Use this to match the other pages and to have consistency on the design.
It is not advised to use a different template.

Loading a Landing Page Template

To load a landing page template, follow these steps:

Go to your WordPress Admin dashboard and select the page that you want to customize from the “Pages” section. Then, click on the “Edit with Thrive Architect” button.

After the Thrive editor opens, go to the right sidebar and click on the “Change Template” option.

Click the "Saved Landing Pages" tab, select your preferred template (usually the latest one) from the ones (if there are multiple templates, normally it's just one) that were previously saved and click on the "Choose Template" button:

The page you are editing will be overwritten by the saved and customized template that you have chosen.

You can now start editing existing contents into the desired wordings for this page.
You can also add/remove elements and panels accordingly. Its up to you. You may play around and have fun.

Editing Header, Footer and Adding Pages to Menu

For Navigation Menu only, watch from 02:20 up to 03:20 of the video below.
Note that other areas tackled in this video is not applicable and not available.

Creating a Gallery

Follow the steps in the video below on how to create a new gallery and how to embed gallery in the page.

Creating a Slider

1. On your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the WonderPlugin menu tab and click New Slider.

2. In the General Options panel, enter a name for the slider and configure its width and height.

3. You can follow the step-by-step interface, add images, videos, YouTube and Vimeo to the playlist, select a skin, configure slider options and preview the slider instantly.

4. After you finish the design, click the button Save & Publish.

5. After saving, it will display the shortcode that you can use to embed the slider into your page.