Start Blogging Your Business

Blogs also known as Posts get your business more visible online.

The Advantages of Business Blogs

  • Easiest strategy to drive traffic to your website and it's free. Other ways involves typing your business on their browser but only few people know your business directly. One can also buy email lists and blasting them which is not effective, expensive and illegal. Or a business owner can place paid ads but quite expensive.
  • Gives you the opportunity to convert this traffic into followers and leads. The fact that these people land into your blog post, it means that they are somehow partly interested on your topics. You can put lead generating call-to-actions in your blog post and keep in touch with those visitors through offers and convert them into sales.
  • A chance for you to establish value without directly selling to your visitors. If your contents gives answers to their questions, solves their problems and are useful to them, they will follow you and eventually buy your products and services.
  • Retain clients and get you long-term results. Imagine if your blog post performs and ranks search engines, it will stay there for a while. Visitors, enquiries and sales keep on coming even months or years after until you take the blog post down.

Start Writing Your Own Blog Post

All Fast & Easy websites already have a blog post template ready for you.
You just have to clone it to add a new blog to retain styling.
Any issues with the blog post template, contact

Before starting, make sure you have read and understand Basic SEO and Keyword Targeting.

  1. Prepare your contents, put wordings on a notepad file, have your images ready.
  2. Login to Dashboard, Go to Posts
  3. Mouse over to the Blog Post Template
  4. Click Clone
  5. Put relevant Post Title
  6. Edit permalink for URL, mention keywords and basic SEO
  7. Add SEO Title, Meta Description and Target Keyword
  8. Categorize your blog posts, you can add new category
  9. Put in relevant tags (helps in SEO, use keywords)
  10. Add a featured image (put keywords into image file name)
  11. Save as Draft
  12. Launch Thrive Architect to start building your blog post
  13. Replace and edit existing placeholder on the page
  14. Adjust/add/remove elements if necessary; play around with your design
  15. Put a call-to-action or link at the end
  16. Check and Save Work once happy with it
  17. Preview & Publish