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Basic SEO and Keyword Targeting

Help your business achieve higher search traffic and visibility through optimizing and choosing the right keywords. 

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Keyword Targeting Made Easy

What are Keywords?
Keywords are the search terms or search queries that consumers type in to find products and services.

Begin with selecting your keyword search tool. Here are one of simplest tools in the market.

1. Avoid Broad Terms or Keywords That Showing Strong Competition - It would be harder to rank on these type of keywords. You should only use relevant term on your website plus the terms that can make your website unique from others, but also keep in mind "what would the client/user would type in to search your website?". READ MORE

2. Always Aim to Target first in your Local Area - Aside from you are narrowing the competition to the suburb level client want the nearest access to the product or service. For example, my friend have wedding crafts and invitation business in the Philippines. Typing in wedding invitations would be too broad to search for the websites locating the nearby area.

By targeting the local location of your business, it would be likely to rank higher on google as it would give more relevant information where the business is operating and the area it covers.

To start your local SEO READ MORE here.

There are more tools you can experiment with. Providing you have enough knowledge on Keyword Search and Targeting, you can combine Keyword Tools and Keyword Types Here.

Using Targeted Keywords & Starting Your SEO.

Providing you have searched the terms relevant to your business. Every Fast Web Guru website is already packed with an SEO tool called Yoast.


There are Four Main parts that can be found in your organic search in search engines.
1. SEO Title
2. URL
3. Meta Description
4. Targeted Keyword

Aside from shown above, SEO is so much more. We also have Contents, Alt tags, Image file names and more. Keywords should be mentioned on these as well but these are pretty advanced, hence, these are optional.

What to Adjust in Yoast

Creating SEO Title
Creating a Page title is essential in doing SEO. These are the bold words at the top of the searches that usually determines the topic of the page on your website. See More Here.

Creating relevant URL
Existing website have url's like /about-us or /contact /products. Choose your url relevant to your target keywords.

Ex. On about page. the current url is /about but the targeted keywords on the page is "wedding invitations" the most relevant and appropriate url would be /about-wedding-invitations.

Meta Description
Consist of 155 characters or more that describe the summary of the page your are targeting. Search Engine show the meta description matching your search query, usually shown in bold text. Meta Description aim is to get some searching on Google to click your link.

Targeted Keywords
targeting a good keywords for your business mean a chance of more views and higher rank on google. If you have choose your keyword wisely and match those keywords on your Title, URL, Meta Description and Even in the Content on the Page this will be the key to Search Engine visibility. You should also try not to focus on broad keywords as mentioned earlier but try looking for long tail keywords for your specific business, product or service.

What is a Long tail Keyword?

SEO your Page/Post

After understanding the basics and importance of Keywords and Search Engine Optimization you may now start editing and optimizing you page or post.