Webmail Access

​If you are experiencing issues with your email, please first ​try ​Setting up your email as detailed below

  • If you are having issues logging into the webmail 
  • ​Experiencing issues with your usual desktop or phone based email access

please ​Email ​support@fastwebguru.com ​​WITH AN ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS
Please include ​landline number as well as an alternative contact email address, NOT the one you are having issues with


​Always do this before any other setup so u know your password is right

​and can get immediate access to your emails send/receive

You can ALSO access your emails online in safari, chrome or firefox anytime also

by copying pasting/typing in this address on your browser


then enter your email and password

then choosing open mailbox once logged in - you should bookmark this page/save the above address

so you can access your emails if you lose your phone or want to check on any computer.

​Installing a PROFILE config on your IPHONE OR IPAD

​you can get this from inside the webmail on the right hand side - connect my device

note: android phones need to be manually setup using your settings, this only applies to ios devices

1. SAVE the config file to the phone - (click on it then press the download icon in top right to save it)

2. FIND the file you saved on your phone - usually in the files area

3. CLICK/OPEN the file

4. Choose INSTALL

5. after successfully installing it will say a message similar to "profile downloaded - review the profile in settings app if you want to install it"

6. go to the main settings of your phone and at the top you will see profile for review

7. Click Settings and you will see at the top an option "profile downloaded"

8.click this , then choose INSTALL PROFILE and enter your phones pass key, then choose install again

9. ENTER THE EMAIL PASSWORD BELOW including the ! at the end of the password

if password is entered correctly it will then install the new mailbox  and say verified, this email is now setup on the phone,

you should delete the old email account to avoid confusion, unless it has important emails/folders  in it which ARE NOT in the new account

IF there is an error maybe you entered the password wrong, -double check it on the webmail in safari/chrome or any other browser    if you still have issues email us and tell us what the error is, or give us a call 

Setting up Your Email MANUALLY

  • You'll need your email address and password (if you have it)
  • EMAIL SUPPORT@FASTWEBGURU.COM from your personal account requesting email password resets IF YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR PASS- You'll need an alternate email address for the verification to be sent to.

You can check your email via the WEBMAIL here https://qh-t1pump.turboservers.com.au:2096
  1. Login with your exising email and password
  2. OR if you cannot remember your password send an email to support@fastwebguru.com and we can reset it for you
You will need to change the incoming and outgoing servers on your email clients set up!
Here you can view your webmail and set up your devices
  1. Webmail
  2. Select your device for it to be set up automatically
  3. For the 'Im not sure. Send me general instructions" enter an alternate email address
  4. Select as required and send
  5. If you are on your device click on "Automatically configure my device"
  6. When you access an email account through a desktop email application such as Windows Live Mail, the email application will require specific information about your email account. You can use the auto-configure options below to attempt to automatically configure your email application. If the available options are not compatible with your application, you will need to use the Manual Settings information in Configure Mail Client below
Here you can view your webmail and set up your devices
Configure Mail Client - Apple Devices and Mac OS Mail
  1. Use "IMAP over SSL/TLS" auto set up if you are on your device

Click and follow the instructions

Configure Mail Client - Apple Devices and Mac OS Mail
Configure Mail Client - Android Devices
  1. Select "Android"
  2. Enter an alternate email address.
  3. Cllick send. (You may also need to check your spam folder)

On your device, open the email and follow it's instructions.

Configure Mail Client - Android Devices
Configure Mail Clients, Outlook, Other devices, etc.
  1. Select "I'm not sure"
  2. Enter and alternate email address
  3. Click send
  4. or click on "Automatically configure my device"
Configure Mail Clients, Outlook, Other devices, etc.
Manually configuring your email

If you do not see an auto-configuration script for your client in the list, you can manually configure your mail client using the settings below:

  1. The server name for both incoming and outgoing is unique to your domain

Follow the instructions of your email client to configure. (look in your Help)

These links may help:

​EMAIL SETTINGS ​for you to use

​First make sure you can login to the webmail, this confirms you have the correct password

​WEBMAIL LOGIN - you can see your current emails in here and send/receive

If you no longer know your passwords you can email SUPPORT@FASTWEBGURU.COM
and we will reset them for you

IF YOU have confirmed your login works on webmail

you can just edit your settings manually on your pc or phone as per below, 

OR follow screenshots above to get precise settings for your domain.


​choose either NON ssl OR ssl settings, ssl settings are recommended

​SSL SETTINGS - REcommended

Username:     USERNAME@YOURDOMAIN.COM [your actual email address]
Password:     Use the email account’s password.

Incoming Server:     ​qh-t1pump.turboservers.com.au
IMAP Port: 993

Outgoing Server:     ​qh-t1pump.turboservers.com.au
 SMTP Port: 465

​make sure you tick ​require authentication option

​OR try the non ssl if you cannot get ssl settings to work

NON SSL/TLS Settings​
Username:     USERNAME@YOURDOMAIN.COM [your actual email address]
Password:     Use the email account’s password.

Incoming Server:     mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM [or.com.au, .co.nz whatever it is]
IMAP Port: ​143

Outgoing Server:     mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM [or.com.au, .co.nz whatever it is]
 SMTP Port: ​26

make sure you tick ​require authentication option

EMAIL SUPPORT@FASTWEBGURU.COM for any further queries