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Marketing tools & services are built into all of our website and hosting products.
Helping you generate more sales and enquiries from the internet.
Grow your business with the best tools & support available.

After years of helping big companies succeed online we decided it was time to help the little guys.

Our mission is to give you the help you need to build your business, making it easy & affordable to use the same online marketing techniques the big guys are using.

We have simplified everything to make it as easy as possible for you.

You only need to spend an hour or two initially and then thirty minutes every few months on your website to start growing your business through internet marketing. 

Like everything though the more you put in the better your results will be, consistent and regular attention to your online marketing will pay off with more sales and enquiries.

With Fast Web Guru you get a bundle of the best marketing tools and services included with your hosting and website package.

Free google maps updates and marketing posts to promote your latest specials

Easily promote new services & regular deals on your website, via email newsletters and on Google maps to attract more customers and encourage repeat sales

Learn how to get to the top of Google Search & check your progress with free reports on your search rankings included with all packages.

Easily make updates to your site with the best visual website editor and other leading wordpress plugins without the cost of using a web developer.

Free ongoing education and training to help you market your business.

Learning to make the best use of your website, Google maps & email newsletters is essential to the success of your business online.

Regular training seminars, plus helpful advice from your local technology advocate and the online team will help you make the best use of your new online marketing engine.

No time at all?

We can do it all for you​​​​

With the Website Booster & Content Booster packages updating your website, preparing email newsletters and even doing all your other, graphic design and other marketing needs can be done for fixed monthly fee.

Fast Web Guru

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