Earn extra income by helping your community

Show sma​​​​ll business how to grow with online marketing

Grow your income every month by helping people in your community learn how to use websites, google maps & email newsletters to promote their business.

The more businesses you help, the more money you earn. Over time you can make more money as a technology advocate than you would in a regular job, just by helping educate others and providing online services they are already asking for.

Can you dedicate 5+ hours per week to building relationships with your local business community, while growing your own business with more income every month?

Are you ready to start earning within two weeks while you learn about the basics of online marketing for small business with a free Technology Advocate training program?

Do you want to help your local business community use the internet to grow and get more sales, even if they don't have any spare money to spend?

Are you ready to really get to know your local community, creating a comprehensive directory of local businesses and making yourself available to help them?

Fast Web Guru provides free ongoing education and training to help business owners grow their business with smart use of the internet. Learning to make the best use of websites, Google maps & email newsletters, essential to the success of any business today.

As a technology advocate you would be providing helpful advice via flyers, emails and by chatting to local business people in person.

You will be backed up by regular training seminars and a team of online specialists skilled at all aspects of internet marketing.

By becoming a local technology advocate you will be helping local entrepreneurs to increase their presence on the web. No hardcore selling, just introducing online services as part of the free education and training you provide to your local business community.

You will be joining a supportive team who are focused on your local area. 

This is not a multi-level marketing scheme, we believe those who get the sales should get the money, not have most of it go to an upline. You make money by helping local business people, not by having to recruit friends and family. Hard sell and cold calling are NOT part of this role, it is designed around an education and support model for the local community, with services offered to those who are ready to take the next step.