Community & Teamwork

Why we are not a recruiting focused multi-level marketing outfit.

We are not a multi-level marketing company, your income is not reliant on selling expensive products to your friends and family and convincing them to become sales people under you.

You earn money by building a relationship based on helping and educating your local business community, not hard sell to people not yet ready to buy.

What We Do

We do not sell expensive products designed to enrich recruiters and those above you in the team at your expense.

We think the person achieving the sale should get the maximum commission possible, with rewards for together building a good group who all work together , rather than recruiting for your downline.

Why We Are Different

We believe in fair prices for technology and marketing services which are different from what others out there offer.

Every service has been carefully designed to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to actively use websites, directories, email newsletters and online marketing to attract new customers and get more sales from existing customers.

Most entrepreneurs already know they need to do more marketing to get more sales. Some are stuck using Facebook and don't realise the benefits of websites others have nothing due to lack of time, knowledge or finance.

Many want to promote themselves on the internet but the high cost, hassle and complications of online marketing means they have been too scared to take the next step.

Technology advocates help by making it as easy as possible for small business owners to take
their business to the next level.