Business Sales Focus

You will be working as part of a small team targeting your local area to ensure every business is approached and becomes part of the outreach and education efforts of your team. Only a small percentage will immediately want to buy something, successful sales require approaching a large number of businesses and being persistent, one shot sales techniques seldom work well.

The key to our approach is educating those in our area on how the internet and  new technology can help their business. Covering every business in an area, being patient and knowing that over time with constant outreach and education you will be the first person they go to when they are ready to take the next step

You will experience genuine teamwork with everyone working together to build their team and help each other achieve team sales targets.

Each team is just like a small local company with plenty of freedom and the chance to work together to grow your business, while valuing your individual effort.

​As the team grows in size and skills everyone in the team will benefit as you all work together to increase opportunities in your local community.  You will be part of a supportive and caring team who see the success of the group and every team member as key.

​Team members are not just interested In helping those they recruit, the Commission structure is designed to foster true teamwork. Working together to grow the team as a whole with regular team meetings  held to upskill and develop strategies on how to best tackle sales in your area.

Working together to help the local community grow is a cornerstone of the organisation. As well as approaching businesses individually, as a team you will organise community outreach, liaising with councils and business organisations to educate and empower local entrepreneurs. Your team will be organising events and publicity to get the maximum exposure and potential leads to help make it easier for you to get sales.

Being a technology & marketing advocate is for people who want to see their local business community grow by making better use of the internet. Your focus is on education and making it easier for local businesses to promote themselves and attract more buyers by smart use of the internet, email newsletters, maps and directories.