Traineeship to become an


This is a FULL TIME practical traineeship opportunity for someone who already has some basic knowledge about computer software, internet marketing and websites. This is your chance to start to learn from the ground up and join the business as a trainee.

On successful completion of the training, get a chance to be hired as an official team member
plus performance bonuses and quarterly pay reviews,
and the chance to join the company share program for key staff to take some ownership in the business.

Please note that ​this is an entry level position for someone dedicated to learning and practical marketing

Pay rate starts at 8000 php per month during the traineeship period.

​quarterly reviews of pay will be carried out once you complete your traineeship

(3-6 months depending on your dedication)

Who Should Apply?

Techy students, fresh graduates who are coachable, willing to grow professionally by becoming a power user and a specialist in the Information Technology (IT) and marketing industry.

Having a high level of formal education is NOT essential for this opportunity.

Your Attributes:

  • Having a strong interest in the internet, graphics or marketing
  • Being willing to learn more and wanting solid practical experience not just more theory.
  • Keen to become a specialist in social media, youtube/video work and marketing.
  • You must be excited about learning and be ready to study very hard during the internship period, then have an attitude of learning for life, searching for something new to study every week.
  • Practical focus - workshops and real world projects with mentoring and basic theory study.
  • You will be looking to learn all about computer software, websites, internet marketing and a lot more.
  • Become a management trainee taking yourself on a personal development journey of intensive training guided by your personal mentor, lots of practical projects leading onto real world projects.
  • You will be using state of the art project management & marketing software.
  • Get access to hundreds of resources ranging from videos & training material, through to a huge range of software to try out and learn from as you wish.

Learn How To

Work on the complete web infrastructure for hundreds of businesses

Work with team of web specialists over multiple projects

Make improvements on existing processes

Learn from both in-house and external trainers with many years of experience in the industry

On completion of the trainee-ship, you may have a chance to join the team

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