Google Maps Done for you Service

A Google maps presence is crucial for every local business - big or small. As a business owner, you need to make sure that you claim/register your business on google maps and provide up to date information so that it is easy for people to find you ahead of your competitors.

Google Map once off Setup

Initial Setup - This includes the setting up of the google My business profile, verifying your business and claiming it.

Photos - Setting up basic overview of what you business has to offer.

List of Services/Menu -  Creating a list of your business specials and current menu.

Product or Services - Adding your products and services to your Google Maps, to improve the chance of you showing when someone searches in your area.

Brands - Adding the Brands you stock to Google Map to help your business show if someone searches for a brand you carry

Offers & Business Specials - Setting up special offers to encourage those viewing your google maps listing, to come in and visit your business to get their special offer

Google Map Booster Pack

Photos - Updates for  Business visibility and map ranking chances.

List of Services/Menu -  Updated Menu every Month ideal for cafe, restaurants and hotels.

Products/ Offers/ Brands - Updated and recurring weekly offers